- a 99.9% D.I.Y. rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Current Status: We are currently recording new material ...

Music by my dyingDay

Land of the Blind

Land of the Blind 2015 Album (stream and download)

01 You Killed Hope3:51
02 Breathing3:34
03 Elevate3:53
04 Circle After Circle3:58
05 Shakedown4:16
06 Tainted Ways5:46
07 Something Real3:41
08 Perfect Lie3:21
09 Drowning Slowly4:33
10 Faith3:30
Available at: Get Land of the Blind on iTunes Stream Land of the Blind on Spotify

Breathing 2014 Single (stream and download)

01 Breathing3:34
Available at: Get Breathing on iTunes Stream Breathing on Spotify
Tainted Ways

Tainted Ways 2013 Single (stream and download)

01 Tainted Ways05:47
02 Tainted Ways (radio edit)03:52
Available at: Get Tainted Ways on iTunes Stream Tainted Ways on Spotify
The 2012 one-song-a-month marathon

The 2012 one-song-a-month marathon 2012 Stream and download

01 Something Real03:42
02 Perfect Lie03:17
03 Drowning Slowly04:30
04 Faith03:30
05 The Worst Thing03:42
06 Dirt03:53
07 Breathing03:34
08 Tear Me Down03:59
09 Circle After Circle03:55
10 Breaking Out02:48
11 Shakedown04:12
12 Nihilism03:56
Available at: Stream The 2012 one-song-a-month marathon on Reverb Nation Stream The 2012 one-song-a-month marathon on Bandcamp
Fragile Alliance

Fragile Alliance 2010 CD

01 A New Bread04:44
02 Fragile Alliance03:46
03 10.000 Lies03:46
04 Broken Halo04:57
Available at: Stream Fragile Alliance on Sound Cloud

Videos by my dyingDay

Here are some of our videos. We publish on YouTube - subscribe to our channel!

LIVE - schedule for my dyingDay

No confirmed shows at the moment.

We recently appeared at High Voltage, Zeppelin, RĂ¥huset, & other fine venues.

The Band - About my dyingDay

  • Anders

    Vocals & Guitars
  • Kim

    Guitars & Vocals
  • Storm

    Bass & Stiches
  • Jeppe

    Drums & Cans

We are: my dyingDay!

We blend old-school heavy rock with electronica using wooden guitars, accoustic drums, home-build pedal-boards and new technology.


We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.


We are influenced by Black Sabbath, Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Ministry, Mustasch & other fine artists.

We sound like ...

... Well, go listen to our music ;)

Mile Stones

  • 2006: my dyingDay was formed
  • 2007: Promo CD "Fragile Alliance" released
  • 2009: "Fragile Alliance" is featured in the 26th and final episode of Swedish detective series, "Beck - Burried Alive"
  • 2012: Wrote, recorded and released 1 song each month througout the year.
  • 2013: Voted best newcomer in the "Indie Spotlight" - An american radio-show
  • 2013: First single out in 180 countries, available on iTunes, Spotify and more.
  • 2014: Second single released
  • 2015: Debut album "Land of the Blind" is released

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Booking & Management

If you wish to hire us for a show, a festival or a TV-performance, please send us an e-mail and we'll get back to you in a snap. You can reach us at [email protected].